The fastest and easiest way to receive a Green Card from the United States of America

The EB-5 visa category was created by Congress in the Immigration Act of 1990 with the goal of instilling foreign capital into the U.S. economy and creating jobs for U.S. workers. There are 10,000 available visas in the EB-5 visa category annually, 3,000 of which are reserved for foreign investors who want to participate in an EB-5 pilot program designed for targeted employment areas (TEA).

The Immigrant Investor (Pilot Program) was created by Section 610 of Public Law 102-395 (Oct. 6, 1992), and has been extended through Sept. 30, 2015. EB-5 requirements for an investor under the Pilot Program are basically the same as in the standard EB-5 investor program, except the Pilot Program allows investors to invest $500,000 to an economic unit known as a “Regional Center EB-5 pilot program”. Investments into these regional centers are able to benefit from a broader concept of job creation including direct as well as indirect jobs.

Advantage of U.S. EB-5 program

  • No business experience or language skills required.
  • Residency requirement of only 5-6 months per year in the U.S.
  • Freedom to live and work anywhere in the U.S.
  • Freedom to travel outside of the U.S. and return without a visa.
  • Access to good health care system.
  • Freedom to develop and run your own business.
  • Enjoy educational benefits of permanent residents.
  • The opportunity to become a U.S. Citizen once you have been a permanent resident for 5 years.
  • Better future and more opportunity for entrepreneur and his families.

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