1.0 Executive Summary

Modular, prefabricated buildings have numerous economic, logistical and environmental benefits. Built in a controlled factory environment and shipped to the construction site, they are faster to build, have incredible strength, cause less waste, have no design limitations, and can be completely erected onsite in just days. As a result, modular buildings are increasingly used by the construction industry throughout the United States and globally. The market in North America is over $2 billion and growing, with the global market exceeding $5 billion.

Build Green, LLC (“the Company”) is a new company that will enter this emerging industry in the U.S. with best-of-breed pre-fabricated panels systems and steel structural components. The Company will produce: cold-formed light gauge steel studs and tracks, pre-fabricated and modular wall panels, floor panels, and roof panels for framing an entire building. From its factory in City of Sultan, Washington, Build Green will use factory-fabricated light gauge steel cast with substantial proprietary upgrades to the pre-fab wall technology compared to those from other manufacturers. Along with an innovative coupling system, Build Green will be marketed as a unique, state-of-the-art modular building system throughout North America. The market for steel studs alone in the U.S. is estimated at $2 billion annually.

The major market will be commercial construction in the U.S. Total commercial construction in the U.S. in 2012 was nearly $300 billion. This included $85.8 billion in education, $157 billion in institutional, $41 billion in healthcare, $36 billion in office, and over $48 billion in industrial construction, among other categories. Build Green intends to reach these customers with a push-and-pull marketing strategy. The Company will market the product to the industry channel captains (i.e. Architects, Engineers, Builders, Government Agencies), and position Build Green through branding, promoting its differentiating factors of cost, performance, availability, and a green alternative to traditional stick built and onsite construction. This is intended to create awareness and demand for this innovative, environmentally friendly and sustainable steel stud and panel alternative. Build Green will also market to LEED-certified construction companies.

Build Green was founded by Ahmad Farrokhi, who currently owns and operates Bahnu Green Construction in Bellevue, Washington. Mr. Farrokhi has over 35 years of construction industry experience, including 18 years working with cold formed light gauge steel. Prior to Bahnu, Mr. Farrokhi owned LGS General Trading and Manufacturing in Dubai, which manufactured steel studs and constructed buildings with the material, including 33 schools in Iraq for the post-war rebuilding process, as well as an 8-story apartment building with light gauge steel. Mr. Farrokhi has a master’s degree in Engineering and special training in cold formed light gauge steel building. To launch operations, the Company is seeking an investment of $3,500,000 from
EB -5 program and help create job in th9is county.

Build Green will begin operations in City of Sultan, WA with sufficient manufacturing capability to meet conservative initial demand. The factory will be able to easily scale operations commensurate with demand as customer orders grow. The location in the Puget Sound region means excellent access to both domestic and imported steel, and all components needed to efficiently and cost-effectively operate this venture. It will also place the Company in a strategic location to market to Washington’s $25 billion construction industry, as well as near the intermodal transportation channels necessary for shipping products nationally and globally. Build Green will be positioned as a leading company in this emerging market.

1.1 Objectives

With this product line, the Company intends to:

  • Become known as a top steel studs and-panel manufacture in the region
  • Continually expand market share while operating a lean, profitable company
  • Develop ancillary services to capitalize on the Build Green brand
  • Provide superior, personalized customer service that leads to establishing a solid customer base and word-of-mouth referrals

1.2 Mission Statement

Build Green’s goal is to serve all builders including home, multi-family (up to ten stories), hotel, motel, assisted living, and healthcare facilities.

1.3 Keys to Success

In order to achieve the objective, Build Green has a strategy of:

  • Educating potential customers (architects, builders, etc.) on the numerous productivity and profitability benefits of the Build Green products
  • Educate consumers (building owners) as to the cost and environmental benefits
  • Controlling the supply chain for the manufacturing and distribution of the panelized wall and steel stud materials
  • Establish strategic partnerships to develop exclusive distributorships for the Build Green products
  • Develop a consistent methodology of production. This will allow Build Green to market a reliable and tested product
  • Provide consistent delivery and transportation in the U.S.
  • Have a product that consistently performs in environments with diverse building conditions and weather conditions.
  • Be cost competitive. Appropriate pricing will allow Build Green to be competitive while still allowing the Company to make a substantial profit.

1.4 Investor Return & Financial Overview

The Investor Return section details the investor(s) initial investment, investment multiple, investment fifth year value, investor(s) share of the Company, the value of the Company in the fifth year, and internal rate of return for 3 different cases.

2.0 Company Summary

Build Green is a limited liability company (LLC) founded in the state of Washington and located in Bellevue, Washington, with a factor to tentatively be located in city of Sultan

2.1 Company Ownership

Build Green, LLC is wholly owned (100%) by Ahmad Farrokhi.

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